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Soil Tech Fertilizers & Chemicals is one of the leading agriculture groups in India. We are one of the leading producers and Marketers of Plant Fertilizers and Nutrients and Seeds.
Our partnership with the farming community is vital. serving as an imperative link between farmers and consumers, we strive to improve the yield and productivity of the crops and hence help the farmer get better price for their produce. We facilitate this through collaboration and innovation, and are committed to sharing our global knowledge and experience to help meet economic, environmental and social challenges.

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Soil tech fertilizers is a thriving Agri - Business Company. We are amongst the most reputed manufacturer of Zinc Sulphate, Micro & Macro-nutrient fertilizers, Animal - Poultry - Aqua feeds, Bio-Organic Fertilizers and Plant Growth Promoters, Hi-tech seeds and Tissue Culture Planting Materials. Learn more about our innovative products and services

Our research centers are always hard at work to discover and create novel solutions for the betterment of the farmer.
With over 16 manufacturing facilities, we are sought out for our fertilizers, crop protection, bio-pesticides and water soluble fertilizers. We’ve also made a strategic investment for upstream integration.
We have made it extremely easy for farmers to easily adopt new technologies with our farm mechanization services.

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